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EMU Australia


EMU, pronounced 'eem-you'
is Australia's national bird.

Emus stand tall and proud, they move forward at vast speed and don't take a backward step.

They're resourceful, exceptionally fast and can survive on little food and water in the desert.

We choose EMU as our brand name to reflect our values.

Born from our origins, super soft 100% Australian sheepskin is thick, lush and water resistant, leaving you feeling like you're walking
on a cloud. The ultimate in quality and comfort and the
only sheepskin we use.

We love Australian Merino wool because it's soft, warm and naturally plush. It's an entirely natural fibre, which is insulating, aids breathability and contributes to odour resistance.

At EMU, we take our craft very seriously. We use the highest
quality Australian leather, intentionally selected for its flawless
beauty and soft feel.

The velvet-like finish of suede offers the benefits of breathability, durability without compromising on aesthetics.