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Smart Sweets

Kick Sugar, Keep the Candy

Smart Sweets was founded to offer adults and kids yummy sweet candies that make for happy taste buds and healthier diets. SmartSweets contain only natural sugars that occur in fruit, with no additional added sugars of any kind. And unlike other sugar free gummy bears and candies, SmartSweets treats do not contain artificial sweeteners. To make each variety as tasty as can be, natural stevia and fruit are used for flavor.

Natural Ingredients You Can Feel Good About

With low sugar and sugar free gummy bears and candies from Smart Sweets, you never have to worry about what you're snacking on or giving to your kids as treats. That's because this groundbreaking candy contains no artificial ingredients of any kind. When you look on the back of a Smart Sweet candy package, you'll see familiar ingredients listed like gelatin, citric acid and coconut oil. There are no dyes, artificial flavors, chemical preservatives or other man-made ingredients found in any of the recipes that bear the brand name.

Delicious Taste with Healthy Nutrients

As you savor the delectable taste of Smart Sweets candies, you can feel good about your dietary choices. That's because each candy is made with nutritious ingredients that are good for your body. For example, the sugar free gummy bears contain tapioca and chicory root fibre, providing 24 grams of GMO-free soluble fibre in every bag. What's more, nutritious ingredients like real carrot supply vitamins and minerals with each serving.

Discover the smarter way to indulge your sweet tooth. Kick the sugar and keep the candy with Smart Sweets!